K-Rock Centre

Home of the Kingston Frontenacs

Downtown Kingston is best known for it’s classic limestone buildings. The architecture is stunning. I could walk up and down each block for hours admiring each building.

Most of these buildings were built in an era where architecture was a work of art. There are some structures that date back to the late 1700′s. It’s a huge departure from the stucco and aluminium siding structures which we see built today.

The K-Rock centre was designed to nicely fit into its downtown surroundings. The windows look excessive and gaudy but overall, the building was designed with a lot of class.

Most of the ticket windows are located outside of the building. There are a couple windows inside the main lobby, but the exterior doors were kept closed and locked until 1 hour before game time. As a result, anybody arriving early was left outside in the cold, much like at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The concourse is nice and modern and is vaguely similar to the WFCU Centre. The only thing missing is ‘people.’  To say that Kingston’s attendance is poor is an understatement. The arena was nowhere near as empty as Mississauga, but fans were scarce. There is a decently sized team store in the main concourse that is also accessible from the street. The store didn’t seem to have too many items, although there was a lot of empty space for more stock should demand ever pick up.

One of the most unique features of the K-Rock centre is the secondary upper concourse.  There is a moderately sized concourse that runs around the top of the seating bowl. This upper concourse contains it’s own system of washrooms, concessions and even a restaurant. I’ve never experienced this arena with even a moderate crowd but I imagine getting around would be a breeze, even with a full house.

The seating bowl is very nice. Sight lines are great. The Frontenacs also have a very high quality jumbotron. The K-Rock Centre is a great place to take in a game. The only thing missing here is atmosphere. The crowds are small but the fans that do show up do get into the game. This arena is definitely a lot more lively than Mississauga, but then so are most community rinks. The Kingston Frontenacs franchise has been managed into the ground for decades and many fans are running out of patience. I have no doubt in my mind that Kingston is a great hockey city, there is just only so much abuse that a fan can take. If the Frontenac’s fortunes ever change, the K-Rock centre would be a wonderful place to watch hockey.

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  1. chris carlson
    Posted August 5, 2012 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    good drinks and a fanastic arena to watch a game at drinks range from a fountain pop $3 to premiune tail cans $9.50 food ranges from jumbo hotdog $3.75 to chicken wings $10.00 and of course theirs the noise meter warning to visitig bring earplugs when they chant go fronts go at the game were at its a 4,500 in attedance it was rocking in their

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